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Organic contract farming

We are looking to contract organic farmers for 5 years. During this period the farmer will enjoy a subsidized subscription to our mobile app, access, and delivery of organic inputs at a standardized price and a ready market for their produce.

Women and Youth Empowerment

We are creating incentive projectsfor the women and youth to curb unemployment, through the creation of employment opportunities in agribusiness value chains. We will provide funding and training on organic practices.

Organic farming consultancy

We offer affordable consultations to organic farmers. We provide climate-smart strategies such as land management, azolla farming, black soldier flies, crop rotation, and intercropping as part of our larger organic agriculture trainings.


We conduct training on some of the evolutionary organic practices such as vermicomposting using worms to produce biofertilizers using soil and animal manure. These practices are cost-efficient. They help reduce initial production costs while improving yields.

Buying and selling organic inputs

Using our mobile app clients and farmers can buy and sell organic products at a very subsidized price. We also provide a ready market for organic inputs for farmers' produce.

Certifying organic farmers

We certify organic farmers at a subsidized cost, half the normal rate. An annual subscription of 3,000ksh for a period of five years is all you need to be certified.

Organic greenhouse development

To help farmers experience benefits of greenhouses. We develop reliable greenhouses for farmers at budget-friendly prices.


We provide loans through the Thorium Mobile App to farmers to help them boost or kickstart their farming practices and help will accelerate adoption of organic farming.

SDG #1


By providing direct and indirect employment through, we aim to provide an extra source of income from selling organic foods and provide a form of social equality and in the long run eradicate poverty.

SDG #2


Despite these efforts, 155 million children under the age of five continue to have stunted growth. Ending hunger necessitates robust farming methods and sustainable food production systems.

SDG #3

Good Health &

One of our organizational objectives is to" promote health through food to as many people as possible" and, in line with our dedication to social progress, we are promoting healthier eating and drinking habits at every stage of life.

What we’re offering

Better Agriculture for Better Future

We are an independent institution of excellence that specializes in the training, and certification of organic farmers. It was established to organize, facilitate, and offer professional services to all members of organic farming.

  • Provide a communication and consulting platform.
  • Offer organic products at competitive prices.
  • Facilitate access to a variety of additional connections with organic input suppliers.
  • The value chain is technologically driven and transparent.

Agriculture Matters to the Future

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